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ONE GOD, ONE PEOPLE, ONE LOVE, ONE WORLD without any discrimination; young and old, women and men, known and forgotten, rich and poor, different races, different personalities, different religions, different works and different nations.





In His Loving Arms

Gentle Father

sweet and kind.

Gentle Maker

pure and true.

Gentle King

just and righteous.

Gentle Redeemer

strong and brave.

Gentle Lover

redeemer and saviour.

With Your Holy Presence all

tremble in Your Mighty Power.

With One Breath from Your Mouth

Spirit comes and gives life.

With One strike of Your Arm

wicked perish.

With One Command all Creatures follow.

Yet You are full of gentleness and love.

I will remain in this Loving Arms.

In my heart , in my mind and in my soul.


Eternal Healing

Almighty Lord Jesus, my Father, my Spirit.

I bless Your Holy Name.

Thank you for letting me rest and came to touched my body pains with Your Healing Spirit.

You breathe with me, stretched my arms and let me become active again.

Your power is the Greatest.

Your presence is the strongest.

Thank you for this blessings You have given me.

I offer You my world.

I offer You my duties today.

I offer You my needs.

I offer You my heart and body.

I offer You my soul.

I offer You my kids.

I offer You my sweet friends in this world .

May You open the gate to life and let us enter with praises in our hearts, song to Glorify Your Name, song to enthrone You and song of thanks.

I chose to walk in this road You have given me because I trust You with a joyful heart.

Let me know the next journey of my life and let me see the way, feel Your presence and hear Your Words.

Grant me Wisdom and Knowledge.

Grant me good health and good heart.

Grant me strength, love and joy.




Father Precious One

Father precious one.

Father of mercy and light.

Father in my heart.

Thank you for not abandoning me.

Thank you for salvation.

Thank you for power.

Thank you for love.

Father sweet Maker.

Father of Love in my heart.

Father of justice and truth.

Thank you for your spirit.

Thank you for wisdom.

Thank you for knowledge.

Thank you for joy.

Father Glorious One.

Father of beauty and color.

Father of grace.

Thank you for everything.



Sweet Love:
Early in the morning as I woke up to live, smell and feel love.
Thanking one thing a life once I knew was gone and now loving the new me full of joy and love.

Hot Love:
Cool morning breeze and pearly dew drops. Waving green leaves and flowers that blossom. All bring joy and say “Start a Happy New Day”.

Sweet Love:
Happiness I found when love came to me. The love that tells truth, the love that cares, the love that knows fire and passion, the love that feel romance, the love that says ” I am here for you”.

Hot Love:
I love you without knowing why, how or from where.
I love you straightforward without complexities or pride.
I love you because I know no other way.

Sometimes you don’t know what you see in a person or why you have loved them.

But it just happened for me to take you to a place no one else can.

Sweet Love:
Where is that place?

Hot Love:
It is a place with full of love and romance

Sweet Love:
There’s no one that could stop what love brought me here. For I live to show what’s love inside my heart than fake love outside.

Hot Love:
I will love you with all my heart.
To have you forever—never to part.
This is a promise ingrained in me.
Take my hand and let it be.

Sweet Love:
I can be your good , loving, sweet, best friend with Great Love that never fades in my deepest heart or I can be your worse enemy crushing your heart as you live.

Hot Love:
One day you’ll kiss someone and know those are the lips you want to kiss for the rest of your life.

Sweet Love:
Kiss with love.
Kiss with truth.
Kiss with witnesses of stars and moon.
Kisses that bring fire to both souls.

Hot Love:
The sound of a kiss is not as loud as a cannon but its echo lasts a great deal longer.

Sweet Love:
As I was thinking what life could be. It’s love who came and answered me.


Hot Love:
I hurt myself more than I deserve. It is because I loved you more than You deserve.

Sweet Love:
The thoughts that left inside my mind. Traces of true love protect my heart.

Hot Love:
Life is once.
Today’s moment becomes tomorrow’s memory.
Enjoy every moment good or bad because the gift of life is life itself.

Sweet Love:
As I designed the sweet love seat to sit so is my heart designed to love you more.

Hot Love:
I wanna tell this to you.
I had never cared for someone as I do for you.

I wanna tell this to you.
You are my heart and my soul too.

Sweet Love:
The more I think.
The more I know.
That loving you is what I should do.

Hot Love:
You’re my special love beyond compare.
A star shining above the rest.
I desire for you to be aware, for me you are my True Love.

Sweet Love:
Sweet life I want. Sweet life I treasure.
True love for me is not just words. It must be showed, it must be proved. It must be from within your soul. Not just soul but all of you, your heart, your body all in one.

Hot Love:
Life is always sweet for you. I must enjoy every moment of your life both bad and good. It will make our life more sweeter and true.

Sweet Love:
The moment I’ll taste your love, it ‘s incurable I’m sure. It will cause me sickness when I can’t taste again.

Be sure to bring your love with full of heart’s desire. Desire every piece that will burn my heart and fan the flames of love.


Hot Love:
You are beautiful.
You are sweet as honey.
Your face is like a baby face.
You are innocent and showed me the meaning of Love.

My words will never be enough to express what I feel for you.
Princess of my heart, I love you for my whole life.

Sweet Love:
Your heart is what I long to have. Its beating that will make me dance to the hymn of love.

As I take you to my innocent heart full of fire, it will beat more to declare love is when we’ve met.

Hot Love:
I want to kiss you at nightfall once again. I want to kiss your lips tonight and taste the glory of your breath again.

I want to get drank with the wine of your mouth and get lost in the unpublished ways of your soul.

Sweet Love:
You can take me as you wish, blessed with love from up above.

As you’ve been drunk with my wine of love, I’ll take care of your flesh and soul.

No matter how hard love will be. No barriers will be able to block the way.



photos by: david john and vaneth
written by: david john (hot love) and vaneth (sweet love )


A smile can mean a lot to anybody differently, different ways, different situations, different nations.

A smile can touch.
A smile can heal.
A smile can break.
A smile can float.
A smile can take a breath away.


Feeling good.
Feeling in love.
Feeling in pain.
Feeling flying in an open air.
Feeling breathless as one passes by with one loving smile in its meaningful eyes.


With one just smile we are relieved.
With one just smile we achieve success.
With one just smile we feel blessed.
With one just smile joy comes in.
With one just smile friendship is built.
With one just smile True love arose.
With one just smile idea comes.
With one just smile we find the fun.
With one just smile relationship may also be gone.


Treasure your smile in a very special way not to break but one that loves; not to destroy but one that heals.

If I can take one part today, to be carried and put in my precious bag, I’ll take the smile that touches heart with love and joy as one and put it as a lipstick on my lips.

Smile today.
Smile tomorrow.
Smile remembering yesterday.
Smile to me, smile to them, smile to everybody.

Let’s bring SMILE to this world and heal each broken places with ONE LOVING SMILE.

photos by: david john


Heavenly Father ,

I thank You for another day in this journey.

You are with me always in my toughest times.
You’ve done great things in me, things that I did not plan to do but had done it and able to stand up.

Send Forth thy help always in letting me walk this life with this rough road.
Though my bare feet hurt already walking in this rough rocky road, with bruises and pains, I will still be able to reach that place called Promise and abundance with Your guiding Love, Light and Wisdom.

I offer you the different people I met. Be with them too and let Your light penetrate inside them, in their heart, in their mind and in their soul.





The best Love I know is felt in my heart.

It has several pains, questions, hardships and unexpected moments left by the LIFE it has just passed.

With LOVE inside it, all went good giving more strength and courage to feel the remaining ingredients to be filled inside a one mysterious heart.

The ingredient to make it happy.
The ingredient to make it lovely.
The ingredient to make it soft.
The ingredient to make it adorable.
The ingredient to make it cuddly.
The ingredient to make it understanding.
The ingredient to make it seductive.
The ingredient to make it brave.
The ingredient to make it fruitful.
The ingredient to make it powerful.

LOVE can find these ingredients in different people we meet in our daily lives showing their hearts in a dear, admirable gestures and actions.

There were scratches inside it when undoubtedly accepting other hearts but the Great Love fixed it, renewed, rebuilt, transformed and brought light to show the beautiful shape of a True Loving Heart.

True Love comes and it will not go.
It stays, it nourishes, it grows, it waters, it provides, it shelters, it comforts, it fights, it avenges, it defends, it supports, it brings LIFE to a darkened heart and conquers the deception that once stayed in to bring down its value in order to stop functioning as a LOVING HEART.

This “LOVE” is here with me inside my heart.