​Lord you blessed us with your love and joy this Christmas.

You have heard my prayers deep inside my heart.

You gave two wonderful angels with me, my kids whom You blessed with your spirit, wisdom and talents.

Thank you for choosing me in this mission, to fulfill Your plans.

Thank you for accepting me as I am.
Thank you for giving my life back.

Thank you for blessing me more unexpectedly.

You have let me see the way to a better life.

A life with You.

I did not ask more from You Jesus but You just gave it to me with love and joy.

You knew that I just wanted to have a simple life but You came and gave me a more colorful journey  in different worlds, an experience I cannot do without You.
I praise You Lord Jesus for helping me reached this level.

I did have a long way in  going this far.

Thank you for choosing me as your servant until finish line.

I’ll just hold your hand without looking back but look forward to another new life I will face.

Be my spirit, my wisdom, my courage, my confidence, my speech,my guide, my light, my protector, my shield, my leader, my love forever.


The King Who Loves Me

​It’s so wonderful to have a King beside me who always reminds me how He loves me so much and there’s no reason to be worried daily because He is here beside me.
Thank you Jesus for showing this little thing to me . I had this 7 years ago, given as a gift. I just put it aside and did not use it. I did not even bother where I put it . Years passed by, I’m here again in this house and this little thing just appeared back in my room reminding me something ” JESUS LOVES ME” and that I will go to that city, no backing out.😇
There’s a power surrounding me that He is the one fighting for all the victories I’m meant to achieve. My commander said ” No retreat , no surrender”. 
And so I offer it to you Heavenly Father, my journey and all that may come along in my life.
Thank you Jesus.

Thank you Father.

Thank you Holy Spirit.😇😇


Light Came to Me to become a Light to You

“No one lights a lamp and then covers it with a bowl or puts it under a bed. Instead, they put it on top of a lampstand so that those who enter can see the light. Nothing is hidden that won’t be exposed. Nor is anything concealed that won’t be made known and brought to the light.
Luke 8:16‭-‬17 CEB