When I gave him love,

he gave me hate.

When I offered him true words,

he gave me lies.

When I showed him Wisdom,

he gave me foolishness.

When I wanted to follow,

he blocked the way.

When I asked for help,

he cut my supplies.

Now my Lord gave me another Love.

A love  that never ends.

A love that is complete.

A love that knows love.

A love that is always loving and caring.

A love that never grows old.

A love that has different good ingredients.

A love that knows what’s best.

A love that listens to me.

A love that is flaming.

A love that is alive.




The Lord God is the LOVE that I need in my life. I knew before that loving yourself is important because it shows how much you love the One who created you. But life is full of trials that sometimes we forgot to love ourselves anymore because we focused on the problems, earthly materials, work, food, hobbies, goals, achievement, that we long to have and spent many times just to get it. In my experience, when I was so busy dealing with all these earthly needs and that doing so much time in the business, my body was slowly deteriorating without any notice because I had to work hard just to finish the target date of the customers and after all these , there’s still missing in my life. After all the lovely food that I ate, the things that I had that I like, my body was still weak and incomplete. Instead of looking to God, I looked to others to make them happy and then sometimes get mad when they fail me.

But when Jesus took over my life and let me gave up of all of these, my life became so easy and full of HIS LOVE even though many tests were given to me but passing it all in a very smooth and peaceful way. I was still working but now within HIS CARE and I could really tell that if we are working with GOD, the hardships that we had before will not be felt anymore. You feel so complete and that your body will become stronger inside and out, spiritually ,emotionally and physically.

The LOVE and CARE that OUR FATHER has given me, was so so extraordinary that I could feel HIM every beat in my heart. I only expect little when I came back to HIM, because for me I only want to have peace and simple family with a simple life and GREAT LOVE of GOD. Since, I am not the author of my life, HE IS; the story that was written in HIS BOOK is not my own story that I want to write. It always happen to us, that we choose to live with our own life and don’t even ask the author if it is okay or not. And the most common reason that I heard in different people is that we have a “freedom to choose” because God gave that to us.

But for me, I will not stick in that reason because many have gone astray of that by saying “I have a freedom to choose”. The people who are doing bad, evil works, also said that, they have freedom to choose. The people who are hurting you everyday, also said, they have freedom to choose so they do these. The people who don’t believe JESUS, love to say that word ” I have freedom to choose” and the people who is in midst of killing themselves also said that “We have freedom to choose”. Does it really work? or God really gave that to us? The freedom to choose? or it’s just a common expression of the people as a way of escaping the truth.

For if we know completely the purpose of our life in this world. We can immediately conclude that we are here because of GOD and will be able to say that “I don’t need the FREEDOM TO CHOOSE, BUT TO CHOOSE GOD ALWAYS WITHOUT ANY OTHER CHOICES to look. GOD chose us to be in HIS LIKENESS and created us even we don’t know HIM, so why do we have to look for freedom in choosing the way that could lead us to disaster when there’s already HIM who offered HIS LIFE and LOVED US perfectly?

Is it nice if you come to GOD first before choosing your way? I do believe this because HE IS the LIGHT and HE IS THE CREATOR OF ALL. I don’t need to look for others and see what are “the freedom to choose” but I RATHER PUT MY ANSWER DIRECTLY TO HIM as MY CHOICE EVERYDAY, EVERY HOUR, EVERY PIECE IN MY BODY. JESUS, THE CHOICE that needs not to be compared with what we have in this world. I AM COMPLETELY FILLED WITH GOD’s HOLY SPIRIT AND HE IS INCOMPARABLE OF ALL THE CREATION THAT HE HAD CREATED.




SIRACH 37: 7-15

Anyone can give advice, but some people do so only in their own interest.

Be careful when somebody offers you advice.

Find out first what his interest in the matter is, because you can be sure that he is thinking primarily of himself.

Why should he come out on top instead of you?

He will assure you that things look good, and then stand back to watch what happened to you.

Don’t ask advice of anyone who doesn’t trust you, and don’t give advice to anyone who is jealous of you.

Don’t ask a woman for advice about a rival of hers,

a coward about war,

a merchant about a bargain,

a buyer about selling,

a stingy person about gratitude,

a cruel person about kindness,

a lazy perosn about work,

a casual worker about finishing a job,

a lazy slave about a difficult task.

Pay no attention to any advice they may give.

Instead, rely on someone who is religious and known to keep the LORD’s commands, someone who is sympathetic

with you, who will be sorry to see you fall.

And trust your own judgment; no one’s advice is more reliable.

Sometimes your own intuition can tell you more than seven watchmen on a high tower.




When I called YOU,

YOU rushed to set me free,

YOU rushed to protect me,

YOU rushed to shield me,

YOU rushed to heal me,

YOU rushed to defend me,

YOU rushed to avenge me,

YOU rushed to provide for me.


Thank you JESUS!





Doesn’t Wisdom cry out and Understanding shout? Atop the heights along the path, at the crossroads she takes her stand. 

By the gate before the city, at the entrances she shouts: I cry out to you, people; my voice goes out to all of humanity. Understand skill, you who are naive. 

Take this to heart, you fools. Listen, for I speak things that are correct; from my lips comes what is right. My mouth utters the truth; my lips despise wickedness. All the words of my mouth are righteous; nothing in them is twisted or crooked. All of them are straightforward to those who understand, and upright for the knowledgeable. 

Take my instruction rather than silver, knowledge rather than choice gold. Wisdom is better than pearls; nothing is more delightful than she. 

I, Wisdom, dwell with prudence; I have found knowledge and discretion. To fear the Lord is to hate evil. I hate pride and arrogance, the path of evil and corrupt speech. I have advice and ability, as well as understanding and strength. 

By me kings rule, and princes issue righteous decrees. By me rulers govern, and officials judge righteously. I love those who love me; those who seek me will find me. Riches and honor are with me, as well as enduring wealth and righteousness. My fruit is better than gold, even fine gold; my crops are better than choice silver. 

I walk on the way of righteousness, on the paths of justice, to provide for those who love me and to fill up their treasuries. The Lord created me at the beginning of his way, before his deeds long in the past. I was formed in ancient times, at the beginning, before the earth was. 

When there were no watery depths, I was brought forth, when there were no springs flowing with water. Before the mountains were settled, before the hills, I was brought forth; before God made the earth and the fields or the first of the dry land. I was there when he established the heavens, when he marked out the horizon on the deep sea, when he thickened the clouds above, when he secured the fountains of the deep, when he set a limit for the sea, so the water couldn’t go beyond his command, when he marked out the earth’s foundations.

 I was beside him as a master of crafts. I was having fun, smiling before him all the time, frolicking with his inhabited earth and delighting in the human race. 

Now children, listen to me: Happy are those who keep to my ways! Listen to instruction, and be wise; don’t avoid it. Happy are those who listen to me, watching daily at my doors, waiting at my doorposts. Those who find me find life; they gain favor from the Lord. 

Those who offend me injure themselves; all those who hate me love death. (‭Proverbs‬ ‭8‬:‭1-36‬ CEB)




Sirach 35:9-24
Give to the Most High as He has given to you; give generously to the Lord according to what you have; the Lord will repay, He will reward you sevenfold.

If you attempt to bribe Him with gifts , He will not accept them; do not rely on offerings from dishonest gain.

The Lord is judge and shows no partiality . He will not disadvantage the poor, He who hears the prayer of the oppressed. He does not disdain the plea of the orphan, nor the complaint of the widow.

When tears flow down on her cheeks, is she not crying out against the one who caused her to weep?

The one who serves God wholeheartedly will be heard; His petition will reach the clouds. The prayer of the humble person pierces the clouds , and he is not consoled until He has been heard. His prayer will not cease until the Most High has looked down, until justice done in favor of the righteous.

And the Lord will not delay, nor will He be patient with the wicked, but He will crush the backbone of the merciless and have vengeance on the nations, until He has completely destroyed the hordes of the violent and broken the power of the wicked, until He has repaid each one according to His deeds, until He has judged His people and made them rejoice because of His Mercy.

Blessed is His Mercy in the time of adversity! It is like rain clouds during drought.



Favorite Scripture of the day:
Sirach 13:1-24

He who touches tar will be soiled; he who associates with an arrogant man will become like him.

Do not carry too heavy load; do not make friends with someone stronger and richer than you. Why put the earthen pot near the iron one? One will bang the other and break it.

The rich man does wrong and is unconcerned; the poor man is insulted and apologizes.

The rich man uses you as long as you are useful to him; when you have nothing left he deserts you.

He will stay with you as long as you have something; he will drain you without a second thought.

If he really needs you he will deceive you, smile at you and raise your hopes; he will speak smooth words and say , “What would you like?”.

He will show his gratitude by entertaining you until he has taken all you possess, and he will make fun of you in the end. Afterwards, when he sees you, he will have nothing to do with you, shaking his head when he meets you.

Take care not to be deceived and humiliated through stupidity.

When an influential person invites you, delay and he will call you all the more.

Do not go so far forward that you are pushed aside or so far back that you are overlooked.

Do not try to talk to him as an equal or trust his many words. With all his verbiage he is only trying to test you and , under pretense of kindness , he is weighing you up.

He will repeat your words without pity and will not spare you either blows or chains. Be wary and take great care because you are walking with your own stumbling block.

All that lives love its own kind and each person, his own neighbor.

Every animal relates to its own species and man to his own kind.

What has the wolf in common with the lamb? It is the same with the sinner and the virtuous man. What kind of peace can exist between the hyena and the dog? What peace between the rich man and the poor man?

Wild donkeys are the prey of the desert lions; so, also, are the poor the prey to the rich.

The proud man hates humility; so, also, the poor man is detestable to the rich.

When the rich man stumbles his friends support him, but when the poor man falls, his friends desert him.

When the rich man gets into trouble , there are many who come to his rescue; if he speaks nonsense, they congratulate him.

When the poor man makes a mistake, they criticize him; if he speaks sensibly, they pay no attention.

When the rich man speaks, all are silent and they praise his words to the skies. The poor man speaks and people ask, “Who is this?”And if he stumbles, they push him down.

Wealth is good if there is no sin in it and poverty is evil when it is the reward for godlessness.