Thank you My King

Praise the Lord my King Jesus who reigns forever and ever.
I thank the Lord Jesus for His Holy Spirit, Holy Love, Holy Presence.
He is worthy to be praised now and forever.
I thank for Wisdom.

I thank for Strength.

I thank for Life.

I thank for freedom.

I thank for Jesus is with me all the time.



When I was in battle , the Lord helped me to pray to Him. Those who were after my skin. They wanted to strike my heart and get my soul again. The Lord defended me with His spirit inside me and He let me lie down , let me closed my eyes . I could hear the prayers of those who were trap by the devil, they asked help and wanted to go out. They said they have nothing anymore.

But then the Lord covered me again from my enemies’  snares. I was just closing my eyes praying the Our Father. And then I saw all kinds of fishes in the ocean battling for me, defending me, praying for me looking up in heaven encircling. Big and small fishes were with me. Then came the different wild animals , assembling, growling, defending me. 

The Lord Jesus told me to stay calm. All the jackals were there looking up in heaven covering me. Then the sky opened, I saw old people looking down at me, they were prophets laying their hands on me. The Lord stayed beside me, kept saying ” don’t be afraid, just close your eyes and sleep”. Those wild animals did not leave as well as the fishes, they were angry. They were the one who fought for me. 

Then the Lord let me opened my eyes and told me He just want to bless them but they refused to receive. The dark side have fooled them and I can hear their prayers. They need help. They asked blessings. Some said , they’re soo tired , they don’t want to be part anymore in this fight. The devil had fooled them because of its sorcery and they were trap. They’re begging to the Lord to give them food. All were gone. And the Lord did not say a thing. 

I couldn’t hold it back in my heart and so I praised the Lord and praying that He will open the blessings to His people. It’s up to Him. I want to bring them to the light and opened their eyes to the truth.

The Lord wanted to teach them a lesson for not choosing Him while patiently waiting for their return. The one they relied on and wanted to save them was not the one that can help them. He is the cause of your downfall. He was just using you all and after that if He and his disciples will succeed, he will destroy you all.

May God have mercy on you for those who have been used. May God punished those who used you.


The Lord Wants to Bless You

The Lord said:
” I only want to bless you , blessings that will last forever. I have sent my child to break barriers and send my blessings but you did not accept my message. I only want what’s best for all of You because I can see the downfall of this country. I only want to bless you the way I blessed other countries but you refused to receive me. I did not made you to become evil, I want to mold you to become mine forever and live the way to truth. It’s not me who made your sins, it’s you who’s always making yourself to fall. 

Walk in the light and this country will be healed. Look around and see how I blessed other nations . I gave their rulers wisdom to rule and govern the right way and to see that justice is always in their hands so that I can bless them more and more. 

That’s what I want to happen in this country but I am being treated as the lowest person of all with no power. ”

Thus says the Lord

Praise Jesus!
Thank you Jesus for revealing the truth! Truth always reigns Lord. It’s not me who used people and you saw everything Lord. I always believe in you. I had said about your salvation. It’s that liar who made everything up and fool many people.

Their wicked plans had made them fall. I will continue to walk with Your Light Jesus and praise You in my heart, mind and soul. I will spread Your Light so that they too those who long for you will be saved. It is you Jesus who will say it is finished and it is You who will bring back Your people to the light. If only they listened to You Lord, they would have taste Your blessings. I will continue to do my part as your servant and do your will in my life.  
My life is an everyday offering to You Lord to bring Glory to Your Name. It’s them who blocked everything so that the Lord’s plan of salvation will be stopped. I am always ready to walk in the Lord’s path to tell about His blessings , His salvation. His people that He wanted to put their trust Only to Him , the Lord God Almighty not to false god. No lies can defeat You Jesus. I always believe in Truth! No lies can destroy the power of Truth.
So here I am again Lord, honoring You in my heart. Acknowledging Your presence. May Your people hear Your voice deep in their hearts so that they will not be led astray again and be fooled by that devil who’s an expert in telling lies.
Reveal the Truth for this world needs Your Truth Jesus! Thank you Jesus for staying beside me. Thank you Heavenly Father for Your Holy Presence. Thank you Holy Spirit for covering me. 
Thank you for everything.

Even though I have little in my pocket but You have never abandoned me. You taught me to be satisfied in what I have and helped me face life to live joyfully with little in my hands. I understand why. So that I too will not be gone astray but will always be in your path. I did not receive any money from the devil’s way but only from you Lord in my life. I don’t believe in bribery. You always taught me to stay away from those people who love to buy people so that I will not be stolen by the devil.
I am so thankful Lord that You blessed me with that wisdom. I am so thankful that You did not let me go and that You did not give me to those people who laid traps to different innocent souls. 
I always wanted to help them Lord , to let them see you too truly but they have been stolen already by the dark side. And I pray that Your people who believe in You Jesus will not be stolen by the dark side. 
This prayer in my heart, save them from the lies and that liars. 


My Thankful Heart

A wonderful day to bless the name of the Lord who is with me all the time.
He reigns in my heart.

He reigns in my soul.

He reigns in me.

The wonderful love of My Holy King Jesus cannot be stopped.

When I feel it in my heart, it’s full of fire and excitement that cannot be explained because He’s Power is present in this world and in me.
It’s Glory will rise up.

It’s Beauty will remain as it is .