Each person has its own way to make himself/herself happy. It may be through your actions, through your job, through your passion or through your things you collect. I love doing what I love to do. It makes me happy aside from praising the Lord Jesus my number one cause of happiness or who is the true joy in my life. As a woman and a living person in this world embracing earthly and human actions, I like to show in this article 10 things I love to collect and shop. Things that can turn my eyes to it and catch my attention. Things I love that I really love to collect and have it always. It’s not that  I’m a material girl or what other critics called it but it’s part of the truth in my life that can make my day beautiful and I really love how these things can make me happy every time I am sad or in a bad mood.
If I’m having a rough day , I’ll just go to malls or any store and watch my favorite things displayed even if I will not buy it yet and my bad mood will change to joy. They’re my friends cheering me up in their little way.
Here are the lists of 10 things I really love to collect and shop.

Number 1 , ” WEDGE SHOES”. I love collecting shoes especially wedge shoes. Each time I see beautiful designs that attract my eyes according to my budget and really a 100% attraction to must have, I always find ways how to get it and be my own. I love seeing them placed in shoe racks alluring me to let them be touched or tried on or if in online stores, I love watching their photos with vibrant colors and sophisticated look , designs that match my taste. And when I have those shoes already, I’m so happy seeing them like a child have their favorite toys. Counting their numbers, arranging them in a place where I want them to put , touching their materials and using them in different occasions are just some contributions they can give in my happy world. When I shop, I am after for the design and fit not the price or brand. There are many branded well known shoes that are sooo expensive but the design is ugly and sooo boring. I don’t want it to be part in my shoe collections.

Number 2 , ” Clothes”. Dresses, blouses, pants, etc. Different outfits to collect and select. All women love dresses and I’m one of them too not just have it but want to collect it. In my free time, I love browsing clothes in different websites seeing them fit in different models with colors and style that I love. It is more appealing to me than jewelries. Jewelries cannot capture my heart even though it sparkles and glitters in stores unlike clothes. Many times my mother gave me gifts like necklace, bracelet, ring but in my heart  I wished it to be shoes or dress while accepting it with a little smile. Jewelries just can’t give a little spark in my heart but clothes can. They are sooo beautiful to look hang in stores. Beautiful things that comfort me, helping my bad day back to joyful day.

Number 3 , ” Phones or Gadgets”. Mobile phones are part in our daily activities nowadays. Those things play some role in our life to complete the day. I love collecting these things too. Different models, different units, different brands with different features. Testing its camera since I love doing selfies, testing its sound since I love music, testing games since one part of my life love gaming too mostly in computer desktop , educating myself to things I have not learned yet by testing its internet capacity, communicating with people, etc. These things gave  me company when I’m alone, filling up the missing part of my life. I love watching phones and gadgets in youtube, the new release by different companies, their qualities and important features. And when I have finally the budget to have it, I definitely have no second thoughts in buying even if I have a phone already.
Number 4 , ” Bags”. Every outfit I will wear in a day, I must see to it that I used the right bag for it, matching my shoes and dress. Collecting bags is fun and exciting for me. In the past I love buying those finish products displayed in stores but nowadays I am more happy in collecting my handmade bags, different designs I just made for me . It’s so satisfying to see them fall in line in my collections, serving me the way I want them to serve me when I need them anytime. They’re better than humans because they are always available for me adding colors to my joyful world.
Number 5 ,” hairbands”. Of all the accessories I put in my hair, hairband is my favorite. When I was in my younger years but not really super young, I don’t just buy one hairband but I buy the whole pack, same designs with different colors. There are wholesale items that give discount than buying one and since I want to have all the available colors, I will buy the whole pack. It gave me a very very very big smile in my face returning home fitting it in my lovely hair in my head. Because of that , it gave me an idea of making my own hairband. Handmade accessory in my hair by my precious hands, why not? So I did make many of it using different materials , collecting my hairband designs. I’m so happy watching my new hairband collections, designed by myself. Much more happy when putting it in my hair.
Number 6 ,” shades”. Well, shades are needed to protect our eyes from the sun right? But as for me I just bought it for fashion purposes. Collecting those things for my face to look good a little ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚(funny) then I’ll just place it back in the shelf watching its beauty. The truth is, I will not last an hour or two wearing shades, heheheh…I will always put it away in my eyes then just put it back when I’m in the mood to use it again, doing selfies. I am more confident walking without shades under the heat of the sun than wearing them all the time or for many hours. But I love seeing them in my shelf displayed after using it for camera….๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
Number 7 ,”lipstick”. Don’t you just love the different colors of those things in your lips. Yes, but not all colors. Collecting lipsticks is another way of making me happy. Having just one lipstick is super boring but having a number of lipstick is heaven. I tested different brands and I chose what to buy again if I am satisfied. Just how wonderful it is beautifying my life , enjoying its presence.
Number 8 ,” notebook”. I love writing, be it prayers, songs, poems, articles so when I buy notebook for me to write, I don’t buy just one. I love collecting it in different sizes and colors. It’s so amazing how these things can touch my heart with gladness when I have them and placed it in my collections.
Number 9 ,”panties and bras”. These are necessity for women. While some woman are satisfied with what they have , me , I love collecting it. Especially designs that have laces, I super love it. When I shop panties and bras, it will be more than one as always then just put it in my drawer not using it yet until the time that I’m in the mood to use it matching my outfit. 

Number 10 ,” stuffed toys”. Oh I super love these things until now. When I returned back to work in the city, this was the first thing I bought in my first salary. But even before that, I already had some collections of these things in my room. They’re sooo lovely to look at. I’m happy to hug them. I had collections of these in different sizes. It’s my childhood dream to have it as my toy but my parents cannot afford those times to buy it for me or just not the priority since we are five kids and there are other important to buy than those stuffed toys. So when I had my very very first job after graduating Architecture, I bought so many of these things and placed it in my room. Ohhh, how happy I was. I made my dream come true.
These are the things that help me to be happy. Their presence in my life add some excitement, thrill and beauty of my everyday activities. How about you? I bet you have things you love to collect too, I’m sure. 


โ€‹Lord you blessed us with your love and joy this Christmas.

You have heard my prayers deep inside my heart.

You gave two wonderful angels with me, my kids whom You blessed with your spirit, wisdom and talents.

Thank you for choosing me in this mission, to fulfill Your plans.

Thank you for accepting me as I am.
Thank you for giving my life back.

Thank you for blessing me more unexpectedly.

You have let me see the way to a better life.

A life with You.

I did not ask more from You Jesus but You just gave it to me with love and joy.

You knew that I just wanted to have a simple life but You came and gave me a more colorful journey  in different worlds, an experience I cannot do without You.
I praise You Lord Jesus for helping me reached this level.

I did have a long way in  going this far.

Thank you for choosing me as your servant until finish line.

Iโ€™ll just hold your hand without looking back but look forward to another new life I will face.

Be my spirit, my wisdom, my courage, my confidence, my speech,my guide, my light, my protector, my shield, my leader, my love forever.


The King Who Loves Me

โ€‹It’s so wonderful to have a King beside me who always reminds me how He loves me so much and there’s no reason to be worried daily because He is here beside me.
Thank you Jesus for showing this little thing to me . I had this 7 years ago, given as a gift. I just put it aside and did not use it. I did not even bother where I put it . Years passed by, I’m here again in this house and this little thing just appeared back in my room reminding me something ” JESUS LOVES ME” and that I will go to that city, no backing out.๐Ÿ˜‡
There’s a power surrounding me that He is the one fighting for all the victories I’m meant to achieve. My commander said ” No retreat , no surrender”. 
And so I offer it to you Heavenly Father, my journey and all that may come along in my life.
Thank you Jesus.

Thank you Father.

Thank you Holy Spirit.๐Ÿ˜‡๐Ÿ˜‡


Light Came to Me to become a Light to You

“No one lights a lamp and then covers it with a bowl or puts it under a bed. Instead, they put it on top of a lampstand so that those who enter can see the light. Nothing is hidden that wonโ€™t be exposed. Nor is anything concealed that wonโ€™t be made known and brought to the light.
Luke 8:16โ€ญ-โ€ฌ17 CEB