His Word My Word

I believe in the power of Jesus.I received life because of Him.

I breathe because He gave me life.

I survived because He helped me.

I am still here in this world for His Glorious Victory.
I will always rely on Him now and forever.


I live because of Jesus.

I breathe because of Jesus.

I’m here because of Jesus.

I have everything because of Jesus.

I’m blessed because of Jesus.
Jesus is the name.

Jesus is my King.

Jesus is my light.

Jesus , King of kings.
Sovereign in my greatest joy.

Sovereign in all that I do.

I trust Him from beginning ’till the end.
Praising Him.

Adoring Him.

Enthroning Him.

I have wonderful times with Jesus.

This King is all I need every hour.
I have tasted the Greatest love and care of all in Jesus’ hand and presence.😇😇😇😇
A wonderful night to praise the King of kings, Jesus.

He made me lie down in green pastures.

He gave me relaxation.

He gave me leisure.

He gave me work in doing my favorite hobbies.

He gave me enough of His time in taking care of me. 

He knew how to make me happy.
He is super loving.
Thank you Jesus.😇😇😇


Jesus My World! 

You are My King that turned around my upside down world.
I was in the bottom but You came and lifted me up higher.
Of all the people in the world, You have noticed me and blessed me.
You gave me a better world to live.
You are sooo caring to me.
I love you dear Lord Jesus.
Thank you for the truth, the love and the joy.
You are important to me yesterday, today and tomorrow.
I will never replace You.
It’s You I praise and adore.