My Thankful Heart

A wonderful day to bless the name of the Lord who is with me all the time.
He reigns in my heart.

He reigns in my soul.

He reigns in me.

The wonderful love of My Holy King Jesus cannot be stopped.

When I feel it in my heart, it’s full of fire and excitement that cannot be explained because He’s Power is present in this world and in me.
It’s Glory will rise up.

It’s Beauty will remain as it is .



Life is about living to be happy, loved and satisfied. Within   these were the different journeys you have passed especially those critical parts where life and death were fighting each other to get your soul. 

In my life, Jesus won to conquer my soul. When He came to me, He came as a saviour, as a friend, as a redeemer, as a family, as a Father, as my love. I’m still here because of Him. His light leads me to receive life when darkness wants me death. I offer all my victories to Him.
In this scrapbook I made, it’s a special journey I had in my life and the most special was when JESUS RESCUED ME many times from my enemies who wanted my skin and that I did not know anything about it.I’m so glad I was born to live for Jesus and that I am here in this world because I am His Child.
I chose several pictures in my past , those I feel that are sooo important and memorable to me in facing my different journeys. Here is my Scrapbook dedicated to MY LOVING SAVIOUR JESUS!

Praying to Jesus became my life when He came to rescue me and gave me life everyday. Through His Holy Spirit I was able to listen to Him, hear His Words and read His Messages. His Letter He gave to me after I prayed was the most wonderful gift I had received .I was not alone, He was with me and will always be with me.

After those crucial battle of my life between life and death , victorious is He who came to me and fought for me.  I did not know I was that special to His eyes not allowing my enemies from the dark side to take my life using their sorceries and hidden black magic. He is sooo powerful able to defeat those black spirits who were secretly ruining innocent people’s lives. I was saved and was given breath. HE RESCUED ME AND I WAS SOOO BLESSED AFTER THAT. He won’t allow me to fall to those deceivers. I chose Him over career, over money, over wealth. I have no regrets in my decision. So this song is dedicated to JESUS who avenged and saved me many times until now.

The next succeeding photos I put the lyrics of that song because that journey was His Victory not mine!

My Heavenly Father was my eveyday stength. My journey to college life wasn’t easy like my high school life. Instead for fighting to be part of the Dean’s List, I was fighting om how to survive in a new life with strangers all around me. It’s more dangerous than walking to a forest by myself. I faced big storms just to pass that journey and faced life where what you have was not enough for what you must have to stay alive. I clinged on to Jesus everytime I’m afraid and did not know what to do. I learned to survive with nothing in my hands but only prayers and trust to the Lord that I will reach the finish line staight in 5years, and yes I did it with His help. And so when graduation finally came, it was a special mission in my life that I was victorious in walking to a very difficult, strange, new path.

Bachelor of Science in Architecture, graduation moment and apprentice moment after graduation.

My high school was more fun and exciting than my college life. It was in that journey I excell myself in different categories, in different competitions, in different subjects, in different activities. I was sooo confident in all of my activies and competitions that I entered. I always had this attitude of win win win even if I will not win. Most of the time I will get the first place but then there were also times that I was in the 2nd and 3rd place. I was not afraid wherever my teacher will put me to compete. And during that time, it’s not easy for us to reach to National Level competition because aside from the fact that we lack books than city students have, this internet that are offerig today was not available. I have to do my best in what I have as my reference and what the Lord will give me my mind. I went to different places in our country for the different competitions so I was not afraid in facing the crowd and in up the stage. I brought that strong heart and fighting spirit when I went to the city to enrol Architecture. In fact when we introduced ourselves in the first day of school , after I said my small speech, our Dean told the whole class that’s what I want in this class , a strong heart and mind. But as time went by, those strong heart, mind and fighting spirits were slowly disappearing because of all my trials. I did come to a point that I will not continue Architecture anymore. It’s so disappointing having less when you need to do different projects that must be outstanding. And I can’t do that, I had limited supplies . What was available was what just I could offer. I still thank JESUS because He did not let it happen for me stop. And then I said to My KIDS “if what I have now, all these references and gadgets, complete food and vitamins, cozy big room, complete drawing instruments were available when I was studying Architecture, I’ll bet my life, I will be in that Dean’s List”. I will be able to maintain my scholarship they gave me due to my high grades in high school.

So I did not encourage my kids to be in the Honor Lists as always so that they will not be disappointed when their time will come to face trials when studying far away from me or from home.

After graduation and apprentice, there’s just one aim I had, to have a job not to have a license yet since money was sooo scarce. During those times, most companies that were hiring were the furniture companies, their businesses were soaring exporting furniture in different countries and there they gave minimum pay as a start. They were looking for Architects, Interior Designers, fresh graduates to fill the ” DESIGNER” work. Different newspapers in their classified adds were flooding these job opportunities compare to construction where you can seldom see. Mostly were just apprenticeship with no pay. Draftsman but still in a furniture Industry. Architects were lead to work in their allied services. And so it was my first job as a “FURNITURE DESIGNER AND MARKETING EXCUTIVE ” in that company. I had worked 3 different exporting furniture companies and then accepted to a “Modular Business” where I still worked as their Designer. We design modular cabinets to fit their living area, kitchen, bedroom, etc. After that journey, I decided to go home in my hometown and we started to put a small business “Printing and other supplies”. I still made some plans and designs for houses and commercial building but all of those I designed it for free as a favor not as my income because I was more busy in the printing business. I just did it so that my mind will not forget Architecture. That’s the bad part about my past me, I love to give than to get paid. I love to help than to have extra income. And that’s where those deceivers will enter to your life, to use you then to break you afterwards. NO MORE OF THAT PAST ME! Everything now is for sale.


Then after that journey, I was more attached to Jesus and went to work in the city again unexpectedly not even planned ,a landscaping journey . All those experiences added knowledge in me as an Architect and were very good references for me to continue this field in different ways. 

And now I’m here again in my hometown, doing my Jesus’ will in my life. 

Remembering where I came from, how my life started, before I reached this level.

Remembering my first achievement in school.

Remembering my loving Lolo who loved me when I was a child . Teaching me to play banjo, his happy face I saw everytime I went home receiving an award fromm my competition. He was a happy person, maybe that’s where I got this happiness now, always smiling and jolly. He was my inspiration in terms of music. 

My sister Vinky was the one helping me to finance my College Tuition when she was in Germany already  so that I could finish it. She’s always a sister to me. In fact she sacrificed herself to stop studying for a year while taking Med-Tech so that my other two old sisters could finish their college journey then she will continue. That year while not studying, she worked in Jollibee and other fast food, cinema, where students are their priorities to have allowances . I wasn’t able to experience that journey because of the hectic schedules of Architecture Studies, I need to sacrifice units not to get in order to be able to work so I did not get that job.
πŸ‘‘πŸ‘’πŸ‘ πŸ‘’πŸ‘‘πŸ‘ πŸ‘“πŸ’„πŸ‘’πŸ‘—πŸ‘šπŸ‘œπŸ‘–πŸ‘•πŸ‘•πŸ‘›πŸ‘πŸ‘›πŸ‘πŸ‘›πŸ‘πŸ“°πŸ“–πŸ“•πŸ““πŸ“‘πŸ“’πŸšͺπŸšͺ

The next Chapter of My life will start. I will continue to put photos in this Article as part of my scrapbook. I don’t want to imagine it as a bad future I want to imagine it as a very exciting, happy, loving future.


When I promised Jesus to serve Him. I started living life with Him as my guide and light. But people misunderstood my love and service to Him as what devils always do. I spent many hours staying in my room because I love my room and aside from praying and praising Jesus, aside from composing songs and writing prayers, aside form playing my guitar and electric organ, I also took researches anything about Architecture, reading my books, my past notes , practicing drawing and designing plans because I was planning to take the board exam when I will be ready overcoming my fear of failure because I’m used to have high grades but because of that devil who spread lies about me, making issues in all that I do including my spending more hours in my room I wasn’t able to finish my preparation in taking the board exam of Architecture or Architecture Licensure Exam. There’s this negative feeling inside me after all my bad, unexpected experiences not to read all those notes again but  JESUS came again to my life, rescuing me, helping me slowly to just take a glance of what I started and look forward of what will happen in my future.
I may get that I.D. or not at least I’m moving on with Jesus as my complete guide, protector, teacher wisdom, my Architect after that 6 or 7 years bad journey I never expected to happen in my life.
All that I promised in my life not to do it anymore or to get away from it or avoid  it, including this preparation for the Board Exam, Jesus lead me back to walk the unfinished path I need to walk and smile to the world with faith and trust to His Plan.

Pay them back for what they’ve done! Pay them back for their evil deeds! Pay them back for their handiwork! Give back to them exactly what they deserve! Because they have no regard for what the LORD has done, no regard for his handiwork, God will tear them down and never rebuild!
Psalms 28:4‭-‬5 CEB