The HEART that holds Me

It is the heart that saves. A sea of love who fills each cup everyday to bring life and blessings.

It’s size cannot be measured on how great it is for it has infinite distance, width, length and height able to hold different hearts no matter what number it is.

It gives shelter to those who ran to it for help and protection. It knows what to do in each situation that will occur. It listens to truth and upright reasons. It’s aim is love like no other, no boundaries, no limits.

It’s often rejected by this world but it keeps on reminding to those who even do not know its importance. The greatness of this Heart is what I adore. I ran to it everyday as my refuge and my comfort. It taught me new wonderful loving works.

As I stayed in this Heart, I found true joy and true life.  When my heart beats as one in this Heart that holds me , my blemishes since I was born were overtaken by its pureness and truth, great love and strength.

It’s generosity in giving me what I need in my life for all time made me see the true beauty of this Heart that holds me, disguises as nothing but deep inside it, it has all the answers to the questions of this world. Wisdom work and walk hand in hand with this Heart.

I stayed in this Loving Heart and tried to know Him more. As years passed   by, I found out in this Heart that boldness with trust in facing life comes from Him. This Heart molded my heart with strength and let it stay in Him forever, beating as One loving couple.

I love to share this Heart that holds me in this world. It is the “Heart of Jesus” who has all the Knowledge in breaking all the hidden barriers and wickedness that destroys peace, love and unity. It judges righteously and it’s actions are for the good of His people.

My Munificent Chum

Through the eyes and heart of this very special chum I have an opportunity to experience art and music, design and product making, creativity and crafts, writing and composing, visualization and interpretation, photography and photoshop, dancing and singing,praise  and worship. Fascinating…. he made me smile, made me weep, made me sweet, made me immensely real, he made me extraordinary.

Through him I become even more sensitive to the air around me, love and romance, frolicsome and excitement, warm and emotional, rhapsody and sober praise, intriguing characters and mysterious places, war and chaos, peace and calmness, unity and equality, tenderness and understanding, echelon and supremacy.  He weaved my life like a story that holds the readers attention to the book’s last paragraph…. breathtaking! He taught me all aspects of human spirit , how I should behave in sorrow and joy, love and affection , excitement and eagerness with several comforting lessons on praying, loving, friendship and family ties. I learned from him the sense of contentment that flows from affection.

How munificent is he! Though sitting in the highest rank of this world  and in heaven, he humbly came down to this ordinary woman and unselfishly gave all those learnings I just had received from him, the secrets of wisdom and knowledge, a different kind of gift that only him can provide. As I impel to know him more , he enlivens all my activities asking me nothing in return.

To recapitulate it all in a succinct conspicuous feature of his generosity to me and to all, he is a consummate example of a King that truly loves his people no matter how small and frivolous thay are in the society. Dying for our sins to save us from the bamboozling works of the false kingdom is not just a complete generosity but a consummate love as well. People often want to receive the kind of blessings they have in mind  but have forgotten the real gift that they should acquire , an inexhaustible treasure they can carry for eternity,  my blessed munificent chum Jesus. 

Through him, I discovered cache mysteries with haste inside me to know it more in eon. As man does ephemeral designs and inventions as a replica of attaining joy and love , my munificent chum designs eternal blessings fitted in each one of us, freely given without hesitation. He cares so much about our true enjoyment that leads to true life which the murk keeps on stealing so as to retrogress us from coming to the light that shines forever.

The brunt of his munificence is huge and brilliant. It changes lives from pale to glistening, delightful scenes with a better understanding of the cycles of life.  The story he made for me is not just a tale which I thought it only existed in books written and imagined by a single human author weaved one by one to form a single story that remains only in paper pages not in reality but it is a story that exudes series of real life events unknown to me with real characters of good and villain people that surround me. What I love about it is that my humble chum gladly walks with me as I waddle the path my Creator opted for me.

Sometimes I am obstreperous, fractious, frantic, obstinate, effete,  palavering baloney, blubber when sad, guffaw when super happy, inane, frisky, shrewd, erratic, catty, goofy, obsequious or more but my precious chum loves me more than I love myself. He just fondled me, so sweet like a muscatel that is worthy to be quaffed  in every special moment of my life giving me equanimity in my spirit. His love is balmy and his generosity is like a rhododendron in an exquisite garden that is comely giving so much joy  to my eyes as I watched it, to my hands as I received, to my life as I encountered it.

Being with my trustworthy chum Jesus Christ, I have everything in my ordinary life. Even the prettiest diamond cannot outshine its light for all the sparkling, glittering, shimmering spirits are already in this light. The beauty that is within me just calmly  comes out shining it through all the way to the finish line.

Thanks to my munificent chum! I will never ever replace him with any other for in him I found eveything I need.



LOVE! The ” bravest  and courageous ” word I found in all the stories I heard,  books I read , all movies I watched  and all actions I’ve seen.

Without love , men and women can’t gloriously fulfill its bravery towards doing anything, homespun or hard, vital or not, dangerous or safe, blissful or bleak. In every scene there is love that links disparate actions. Without it , all are in great chaos and havoc. 
There are different tableaux of love that are obscure or lucid in any milieu. To name the few, there is mendacious love that turns into mellifluous love. Dubious love with conflagration effectual to both opposite genders. Blatant love that is considered nefarious by others, a frantic amour that connotes what love can do. Staunch love confieded and bedecked with calmness and romantic display of feelings teemed of blithe, beatific moments is the love most people want. A flippant and flimsy love from the start that is in need of zest and mettle for the love to grow further and intimate is another graphic description of how love can change the present condition of a pallid relationship or situation. Untimely love that often  produces a more manful effort to accept and scour what has arrived making crux changed into facile. Love with hubris may lead people amiss but love with scrawny pride may still give the people a chance to be saved in destruction. 

The temerity of all these actions comes from “love”. What you love to do or love to choose reflects what kind of person you are. How you came to this world and brought up. You may be dealing a wrong kind of love or the good one, all work together hand in hand. 

Out of all these given examples of “love” , its effect, emphasis and impact to everybody living in this world, there is One Love that is superior to all. This ” Great Love”binds  all kinds of love that humans know and it excells in its own way. The Love that grows deeply, unfading, strong and always victorious. Euphonious when heard and remarkably trustworthy. It is vibrant and glints from top to bottom, from bottom to top. 

This “LOVE” offers love in an exorbitant manner where local powers that ruin souls in all corners of this world are easily conquered. I consider this love as a poweful zeitgeist that can scratch out all unwanted, false, deceiving kind of love bringing the world to a more peaceful and liveable place to stay and explore. This “Paramount Love” exists before us showing magnificent work of a loving Creator that designed its creations in congruence of Him. 

Aspiring to be connected in this love drives away all fears of sudden hullabaloo for it has the power to defend, protect, shield and avenge. No matter how gigantic a problem that took place in each person, city , country or nation, redemption can be found  in this love. 

It is Our Heavenly Father’s Love, a paramount love that loves equality, peace and unity. Our hope for  a better future.

From Humiliation to Jubilation

As we play a different role in this ubiquitous world in different stages of time, year and era, it is necessary to come to a common understanding of what constitute a joyful life. Each has different perspective on how it was achieved by their own analyses in living a life that leads to great joy . 

Some may think the way other people express their joy is the kind of pale, lousy moments that some don’t want to remember or as part of a happy life.  There are also people who were looking back to their past and found the greatest joy they had achieved as they moved forward for the future. Many reached their jubilation through traveling in different countries, visiting landmarks , exploring areas that are both famous and not, experiencing the different lifestyle of different beautiful countries with their respective unique and busy cities. Others found great joy in work accomplishments. Well done, great job, excellent work, great inventions, unique ideas made into reality or just by sitting in the corner reading, helping other helpless people  and enjoying different avocations. To a certain extent , each jubilation is personal. As it is being done, it is laden with meaning and makes an important pellucid contribution to one’s life and its impact to the world.

In my case , the way I analyze my own jubilation , inevitably reflects who I am and includes my personal background, my different experiences little or great in dealing my life and my intense interest on how to live a true joyful life with great love that can enrich the world. Most of my beautiful moments that I treasured presently began with great humiliation , unforgettable embarassing events that took place in each step I made in walking my journey with Our Father in heaven as my light and guide. But presently in this real world, having established a working definition of achieving jubilation , an explanation for the focus upon joy exposed by living naturally with less possession is simple . Where joyful feelings are  not naturally expressed but concealed, maybe hidden within an empty heart by losing someone, screened by anxiety  in facing life or dressed with great things to have and must have, it possess very limited opportunities to enrich a better life. In these situations , where joy must rely on other people, other devices and elements for its range of happiness, any simple living natural expression of jubilation remain latent. Life cannot be read as jubilant.  

But for me, I found my great joy right inside my heart , not concealed or adorned with luxurious     things to have but by simply knowing and feeling what I love to do. Every time I sat on a chair feeling the love and presence of our Creator , I felt a different joy that cannot be explained. It is a joy where I can express and expose it naturally with my present surroundings, in any place I may be without any other things in my hand , without any obstacles and fear in facing it , without any other person beside me but just me and myself of what is inside me.  It is a joy where I don’t have to work hard just to have it  but a joy that is already present in me , in my heart, in my mind and in my soul that no one can ever steal or change the way it expresses true life. It is the LOVE of our Heavenly Father that gives me the opportunity to live and understand  life with jubilation. The World may not accept it as the way of living a joyful life due to the fact that it consists of many difficulties, trials, hardships, humiliation, embarassments and  it may be a jest to different people but by carrying it with confidence, trust, love , faith and able to defeat it after passing in my life , the great joy  that awaits me is there ready to take my hand and leads me to the road of a better life. Decisions regarding the extent to which life should be expressed  by achieving happiness through simplicity and contentment of what was given naturally by our Heavenly Father are best felt and seen after it has been experienced with great success , then revisiting on how it has given impact to my present life and asking whether or not it has enhanced me is better than possessing richess that will just fade away , giving false joy  that leads to death.

True jubilation can therefore be achieved only by receiving the kind of life that our Father in heaven wants us to have , giving us true life with happiness that was not made up but happiness that is already present inside us, inside our hearts, giving us no worries on what is to come but gladly waiting with great excitement  for it to happen. 


Listen!” says Jesus.


“I am coming soon! I will bring my rewards with me,

to give to each one according to what he has done.




Happy are those who wash their robes clean and so have

the right to eat the fruit from the tree of life and

to go through the gates in the city.


But outside the city are the perverts and those who practice

magic, the immoral and the murderers, those who worship

idols and those who are liars both in words and in deeds.


Revelation 22:12-15




I saw the Lord before me at all times;

He is near me, and I will not be troubled.

And so I am filled with gladness ,

and my words are full of joy.


And I, mortal though I am, will

rest assured in hope, because You

will not abandon me in the world of

the dead; You will not allow Your faithful

servant to rot in the grave.


You have shown me the paths that

lead to life, and Your presence will fill

me with joy.


Acts 2:26-28



Break the Chains Jesus

What wonderful Saviour I serve.

He had the most kind and merciful heart, loving and true to His promise of saving each person who is in search of Him and is thirsty in His Teachings, Wisdom and Knowledge.

Thank you dear Lord for opening the truth about You and about Your ways and gifts guided by Your Holy Spirit to this person who came to me today and asked for guidance, prayed and praised with us.

Thank you for guiding her and helping her understand your message and for saving her too. May she be able to speak about You in truth so that she too may save her sister from the destruction or plots of the dark side. 

We are just ordinary people who are serving you with love in our hearts. Thank you for getting her out of the darkness and healing her in ways she did not understand. May you continue to be with her and lead her path to walk in the right direction.

Thank you opening to her the Truth about me, about my friends, about the gifts, about the prayers that were given to her by the other side that’s not from you . May you break all the spells and curses that were given to her along with that rituals and prayers that she was holding and heal her to see the truth , the way and the life. 

May she finds true happiness in her life including her sister who is presently in confusion about following the true way and the true people that lead to You.

Jesus , I trust in You. Give them good life and bring them back to You for You know in their hearts that it is You whom they are searching in their lives. They may be decieved but You can save them Lord. I believe in the greatness of Your Power that can do anything and can break all chains given by the dark side.

May You bless them Lord Jesus with truth, love, life, justice, peace, protection and all types of blessings that they need in walking the road that will lead to You.